Heroes Unlimited:

Out of the Shadows

Northlake… You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villaliny…
The crime is organized. The elected officials are corrupt. And the police are worse than powerless. Several of Northlake’s more desperate (and often super-powered) citizens are taking the law into their own hands.

The most prominent and controversial of these is the man known simply as The Vigilante. Many applaud him for his efforts to clean up Northlake’s streets, but many also criticize his methods, as the criminals he chases have a tendency to turn up dead. He’s armed. He’s relentless. And he’s on your tails.

And thus, you were compelled to join forces; five criminals on The Vigilante’s hit list.

Chased from your old hideouts by the threat of The Vigilante, you’ve set up a makeshift team HQ in an abandoned warehouse near the docks. Your individual operations have suffered a major setback, but together, you can rebuild and take your revenge. One day soon, the Vigilante will regret that he forced “The 5” to come Out of the Shadows…

Out of the Shadows